Trek to Bahiri caves with Trek Mates 21-22nd March 2009.

Hi Mates, 

we at trek mates are arranging a trek to Bahiri caves this weekend 21-22nd March 2009.

Type: Hill Cave
District: Raigad
Height: 2300 feet above mean sea level
Base Village: Jambholi
Region: Karjat -Lonavala
Transport: Kalyan to Lonavala by rail, Lonavala to Jambholi by bus.
Time to reach the top: About 3 hrs from the base
Difficulty Rating: Tough

Trek to Bahiri caves is famous for its rock climbing section and is considered one of the toughest trek of Maharashtra just because of this rock patch.

But with trek mates this difficulty will be tackled with appropriate use of ropes, securing safety of each and every participant over the patch.

Though it’s a one day trek, the scorching sun in this dry season heats the rocks and makes it difficult to climb by 11 am itself.
So to avoid getting burnt by heated rocks we have decided to hike the cave early in the morning and for the same reason we need to reach the base one night prior to the trek.
We will be starting from Mumbai on Saturday afternoon,
Will reach jambhavli the base village by night.
Will stay in the village enjoy camp fire, star gazing and will rest for few hours in the village.
Early morning we will wake up, and after breakfast will start the trek.
We will reach the base of the caves by 8 am,
We will climb the patch and will be back by 12pm to the base of the cave.
From here we will return to Jambhavli.
Have lunch and will start our return journey to Mumbai. 

Things To Be carried:
Dinner for Saturday,
A bottle of water (Atleast 2 Ltrs),
TORCH with extra batteries, Candles (compulsory).
A spoon, mug and a plate (a must)

2-3 bunch of papers and proper bedding
2 empty polyethene bags for load sharing
Cap, etc.,
Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits, etc.
Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)
Good trekking shoes,
A haversack to put in all the things to be carried. so that one has ones hands free while trekking. Please do not carry sling bags or Jholas.
Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.

The charges of the trek are Rs 300/per head, which includes
Travel expenditure from Lonaval to Lonavala.
1 lunch(Sunday).
For further details and registration please contact
Prasad Tandale: 9870491140
Priti Patel: 9869524260
Nilesh Patil: 9967436211

Time table

Station Arrives Departs
Mumbai CST/CSTM 02:30PM
Dadar Central/DR 02:43PM 02:45PM
Thane/TNA 03:08PM 03:10PM
Kalyan Junction/KYN 03:27PM 03:30PM
Karjat/KJT 04:08PM 04:10PM
Khandala/KAD 04:53PM 04:55PM
Lonavala/LNL 05:08PM 05:10PM

meeting point thane station : platform number one below indicator at 2.45 pm
get along with you ticket unto lonavala . don't rely on thane station ticket window as it is always too much crowded people may board the train from dadar or kalyan in the general boogie and meet us in the train or directly at lonavala.
from lonavala we will be taking local till kamshet people from pune can join us at kamshet station at around 5.30pm
Anil and his friend are joining from Pune
Anils contact number : 9922916247

go via karjat route it's better, u'll get more frequency of karjat train
direct bus 2 sandas village
Bahiri Caves Pics
1st bus 2 sandshi at 5.30 Am
Carry more water with cause no water is available still between travelling, water is available in caves
there 2 much route for confusing so take care

Other info 
 came from Karjat - sandshi route.

1, Villagers are Hostile. During My Trek The Stole My splendors Battery n Petrol, Which was Kept in the school ground.

2, The Tantrik At the Main cave pesters for money and becomes Abusive and doesnt allow to get down, Tries to cut the rope, Its easy to get lost at Dak Bhairi.

There are White arrow marks on roks which were marked by me to guide hope you all will find them...

cordinates of Nali
N18 52.430 E73 25.752 2393 ft : Nali entrance. The exact point.

cordinates from inside the cave
N18 52.483 E73 25.678 2381 ft 05-APR-08 12:22:18PM : inside the cave.

N18 52.277 E73 25.602 1778 ft if u go here ur on wrong path. In this path there is a small temple.

the karjat-sandshi route is better,

some more cordinates form my Gps

N18 51.970 E73 25.365 1078 ft 04-APR-08 9:41:05AM : Board on the mountain tree in red.

N18 52.057 E73 25.547 1667 ft this is where plateau starts.

N18 52.233 E73 25.641 1760 ft : a Critical crossing with 2 arrows on one rock never miss .

these cordinates are directly taken in
in that red search window, if these are the cordinates i supplied
N18 52.430 E73 25.752 
replace N and E in the following format
18 52.430N 73 25.752E
and copy paste in search, it will take you to the exact spot on map!

geting down from Dhak to sandshi would
be a better Idea...