Mumbai Trek list

Upcoming treks with Trek Mates


1) Revisit to Harishchandragad via Nalichi Waat

2) Revisit to Alang - Madan

3) A bike trek again

4) Vasota (mostly in April)

5) A Night trek

6) An event (adventure sports)

please suggest,

us on which dates you would prefer visiting where?

March last weekend is attached with one more off on Friday (Gudipadwa)
where would you like to trail on these three days?

Discussion here

Upcoming Adventure events with Trek Mates

in the months of April -May we are planning for an event, suggest us what would you prefer

1) Rappling,

2) Zumaring,

3) White water rafting,

4) Basic rock climbing

6) Valley crossing

Vasota (charges Rs1200 per head, two day trek)

Harishchandragad via nalichi waat ( charges Rs 700 per head, two day trek)

both will be starting on friday night and returning on sunday night

both are in queue next

but since all our leaders are going to be bit busy in exams there might be little delay ..

or a mega event of 2-3 days including everything...........