Inspire Trek to Rajmachi April 18, 2009 to April 19, 2009

Date : 18- 19 April 2009
Type- Hill Fort
District Pune
Height above mean sea level 2710 feet
Base Village Kondivde
Duration 2 Day
Region Karjat

Transport Karjat to Kondavane (by TUMTUM)

Time to reach the top About 3 1/2 hrs from the base
Water Availability Water cistern are available at the top

Sights to visit Two citadels i) Shrivardhan
ii) Manoranjan, Ancient Lord Shiva temple (in Rajmachivillage), Ancient temple in the gorge between Manoranjan and Shrivardhan, Caves, Lake,Kondane caves.

Difficulty Rating Simple

Shelter Caves

We will be taking following train from CST.
CST==> 05:19am
Dadar==> 05:37am
Kurla==> 05:48am
Ghatkopar=> 05:54am
Thane==> 06:14am
Kalyan==> 06:46am
Neral==> 07:28am

Items to be carried by trekker -
# Sufficient amount of cash.
# Water Min (2 Ltr).
# Food material (SNACKS)
# Antidehydrate.
# Glucose.
# Torch with batteries.
# A good pair of shoes.
# Cap (preferably of cotton).
# Cutlery(Knives,spoon,etc.)
# Camera and its accessories (if interested in photography, always carry an extra pair of batteries).
# Wastepaper (old newspaper). (Cumpulsory)
# Polythene bags.
# Toiletries soap, toothpaste/ brush, shaving kit, comb, toilet paper, etc.
# Paper dishes.
# Mosquito repellent.
# Scribbling pad and pen.
# Bedsheet (minimum =>2)/ Sleepin Bag.
# Please avoid bringing valuables, jewellery or expensive things. We accept no responsibility for anything that is misplaced.

Guidelines / Instructions -
# It is preferable that the members of a trekking group keep same level of physical fitness. If someone falls behind due to lack of physical fitness, etc, it is the responsibility of the entire group to ensure that the person is somehow brought to the camp or base.
# Be independent. Carry one's own pack. Pack should not exceed 15 kg.
# The trekking should be planned in advance along with the work out of the pace of the trek from point to point. This will enable reaching the destination well before dark, as trekking is dangerous after sunset.
# Carry water containers. Fill many bottles with drinking water. Expect some fresh water brooks. You may boil the water for consumption. It works out well. But, be careful in analyzing the brook. Look around for live healthy insects/fish to confirm if the water is consumable. Healthy insects means the water is consumable.
# Do not leave the fire that you setup unattended. Put the fire off in the end. Clear the fire area off the dry twigs and grass.
# It is expected that the trekkers behave civilly, show respect and cooperate with each other

Minimum Expenses -
Rs 250
Contact Arun Malik: 9820989408