Rappelling with "VRangers" on 26th April 2009

Rappelling is the practice of sliding down a rope in a controlled manner. There are several ways to rappel, the safest and most common way is with the use of a harness, locking carabineer and a belay device. The rope is fed through the device to add friction as the person controls the rate of descent. Climbers, Spelunkers and the Armed Forces use rappelling to safely descend steep slopes and rocks.
Charges: Rs. 150/- entry fees (includes Udyan ticket,breakfast etc).
Meeting point: Main gate of Borivali National Park (Sanjay Gandhi
Rashtriya Udyan)

Time: Morning 7.30 AM
The list of all the things to be carried:
1. A haversack to put in all the things to be carried.
2. Water bottle 2 or 1 1/2 ltr. (compulsory)
3. Lunch for the day. (compulsory)
4. Avoid wearing Gold and other jewelry. For girls, Please wear a
necktie T-shirt. (compulsory)
5. Camera (Optional- at your own risk)
6. Snacks.
Get ready for such adventurous activity!!
Some Photos Of Rappling:
For Reg. & more details, contact Our Rangers
Sudhir 98212 18771.
My Profile link:
Ananda 98922 19155.

plz do sms if call not received.
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Photos of the event