Trek Mates Trek Schedule - 2009

Trek Mates Trek Schedule

Date: May 23-24.
Place: Night Trek to Ahupe Ghat.
Grade: Medium

Date: May 30- May 31.
Place: Night Trek to Naneghat
Grade: Easy
Note: Naneghat is a pass carved through Sahyadri on an ancient trade route between Shurparak(Nala-Sopara),Kalyan and Pratishthan(Junnar) about 2300 years back. It’s an easy night hike giving us a chance to visit an important trade route.

Date: June 6-7.
Place: Bhimashankar via Ganesh Ghat.
Grade: Medium
Note: Bhimashankar is at a height of 3250 feet. The summit can be embraced by Ganesh Ghat which is much enjoyable as the route passes through thick forest of Bhimashankar sanctuary .

Date: June 13-14 .
Place: Harishchandragad
Grade: Easy
Note: Harishchandragad is worth visiting as it offers beautiful views of the sahyadri ranges. In monsoon it’s heavenly beautiful. If you are lucky enough then you can see awesome phenomenon of “Indravajra”

Date: June 20-21.
Place: River Rafting and Kayaking at Kolad and/or Ankai-Tankai
Grade: Medium / Easy
Note: 1. The Western ghats is full with short and swift flowing rivers. However due to uneven terrain, there are not many river rafting location in Maharashtra. However Kundalika river which lies hardly 100 kms from Mumbai and Pune is the only place that provides excellent opportunity for river rafting.
2. Trek to Ankai-Tankai is a trek to Unknown forts located in Nasik-Manmad region in Chandwad range and just 8km away from Manmad. . From the top, They offers a beautiful view of surroundings, a pinnacle called Hadbi chi shendi, Gorakhnath, and Chandvad range if weather is clear.

Date: June 28
Place: Sudhagad Fort
Grade: Easy
Note: Located in the vicinity of Pali and endowed with about 50 acres plateau atop, Sudhagad offers a wonderful and a easy trek during monsoon.
Date: July 5th
Place: Chanderi
Grade: Medium
Note: The area of Chanderi is very alluringly enchanting in the monsoons. Many tourists travel here to enjoy the waterfalls.
Date: July 12th
Place: Waterfall rappelling
Grade: Medium
Date: July 19th
Place: Lohgad fort and/or Naneghat and/or River rafting and Kayaking
Grade: Easy
Note: 1. Lohagad is one of the many hill forts of Chatrapati Shivaji. The monsoon season is the best period for undertaking the trekking of the Lohagad Fort. With lush greenery and small water-falls around the natural beauty of the region is just out of the world .
Date: July 26th
Place: Kalsubai and/or Asherigad
Grade: Medium / difficult
Note: 1. Kalsubai is a highest peak of Western Ghats in Maharashtra. It is beautifully shaped and commands a fantastic view. For hikers, this is a simple mountain to climb.
2. Asherigad is a fort that lies on the Mumbai - Ahmedabad highway. It was built by King Bhoj of the Shilahar dynasty. Hence it can be assumed that this fort is at least 800 years old. The Portuguese rebuilt this fort when they captured it.
Date: Aug 2nd
Place: Harihar and/or Sankshi
Grade: Medium / Easy
Note: 1. Harihar unique fort is built on a triangular prism of rock. The three faces and two edges of the fort are completely vertical. Rocky steps with one meter wide at an angle of about 75 degrees are also found here. A small temple and a cave with water, situated on the top, are worth visiting.
2. Sankshi is a Hill fortnear panvel. An Offbeat site to worth visit.
Date: Aug 8-9th
Place: Naldurg fort
Grade: Easy
Note: Naldurg Fort is situated at Naldurg, about 40 km east of Solapur, in Osmanabad District, Maharashtra. Naldurg Fort is an architectural marvel and the ‘Pani Mahal’, constructed below water, attracts tourists and researchers alike.
Date: Aug15 -16th
Place: Harishchandragad Fort
Grade: Easy
Note: Heaven in monsoon.
Date: Aug 23th
Place: Dukes Nose and/or Sindola fort
Grade: Easy
Note: Sindola fort is not well described in many literature books as it may not have witnessed any historical event. However this fort gives magnificent views in monsoon.
Date: Aug 30th
Place: Chanderi
Grade: Medium
Note: The area of Chanderi is very alluringly enchanting in the monsoons. Many tourists travel here to enjoy the waterfalls.
Date: Sept 5-6th .
Place: Ulhas Valley, Khandala.
Grade: Medium
Note: Ulhas valley is in the scenic and historically significant north Konkan region in Thane District, Maharashtra. This valley joins the Sahyadri foothills with the plateaus of the region. The area has terrain favorable for trekking. Monsoon is the best season here when the numerous water falls and streams are at their spectacular best .
Date: Sept 12-13th
Place: Any Adventure activity.
Date: Sept 19-20th
Place: Lonavala to Bhimashankar.
Grade: Difficult
Note: This is one of the toughest treks, as distance needs to be covered is closed 70 to 75 Kms. It’s an ancient trade route. This is an awesome trek giving us chance to enjoy each and every feature of Sahyadri weather it is steep falls to Konkan, huge plateaus or dense forest .
Date: Sept 26-28th
Place: Panhalgad to Vishalgad
Grade: Medium
Note: This trek commomerates Shivaji's escape from the besieged Panhala to the safety of Vishalgad .
Date: Oct 4th
Place: Ratangad
Grade: Medium
Note: Ancient, well preserved templeof Lord Shiva at the base, some mammoth sized hills in the juxtapose, including"Kalasubai"- the highest point in Maharashtra, one of the oldest artificial dams in the vicinity - Bhandardara, great, panoramic view all around........ all this describes nothing but the Ratangad fort .

Note :-
1. Number of participants per event is limited. Entry will be on First Come First Serve basis.
2. These Dates are tentative. Changes in dates and venue are possible.
3. The detailed plan will be posted 10 days prior to event on our community on orkut and on Facebook.
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The changes are as follows:

21st June: River Rafting.(the plans are already out.)
and a trek(1 day/2 day)(you can suggest something for the same.)
28th June: Sudhagad.(No change)
5th July: Waterfall Rappelling. (on demand)
12th July: Ankai-Tankai.(due to unavailability of leaders.)

The plans for all these treks will be out very soon.
I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Nilesh Patil.
Trek Mates.