Aasamant : Trek To Rohida Raireshwar 11th – 12th July, 2009

Rohida - Raireshwar
Date: 11th – 12th July, 2009

Raireshwar(4589 feet) :- Tableland of Pachgani is very famous but higher and longer tableland is the plateau of Rayari. It is 8 km away from Bhor. It looks beautiful in monsoon. Raireshwar was considered to develop as a hill station & in real sense it is hill station. Raireshwar is historically important, Shivaji Maharaj took the Oath of Swaraj in a temple of Lord Shiva. After this he kept on conquering forts and established Swaraj. This temple is situated rather deep in the interior, hence not seen in first glance. A temple surrounded by hills, surroundings covered by natural beauties. Stone structured temple of the 16th century is the main attraction of Raireshwar.

Rohida Fort (3661 feet)…This is very important fort in Bhor area (Pune District) situated on Bhor – Mahabaleshwar mountain range. This fort impressed because of its long natural fortwall and well constructed entrance gate. We need to pass through three gates before we reach to the top of this fort. First Mahadarwaja is circular type, on Second darwaja there is carving of Lion and legendary animal ‘Sharabh’. On third gate there are carved images of Lotus, fish and images of Sun & Moon on upper side.On Fort we can see water tank, Rohideshwar temple, carved caves, ruins of fortifications & old buildings includig grain storage, sadar (main office). There are seven Buruj on Rohida for out of that Fatte Buruj, Waghjai & Shiravle Buruj are well constructed to fight with enemy.

Cost Details :
Contribution per person is Rs.1000/- (Advance Rs.600/-)(This cost includes tea, breakfast, lunch, snacks for 2 days and private transport)
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Amit Nanivadekar : 98192 74977 Rupali Chandanshive : 99870 04669
Akshay Mulye : 98192 12975 Santosh Bhide : 99306 60731 Tushar Nidambur: 98920 00782