Mumbai Trek list

Inspire trek to peth 21st June 2009

Type : Hill Fort
Fort Range : Karjat
District : Raigad Height above sea level : 3100 ft.
Difficulty rating : Easy
Base village : Peth
Appx. time to reach the top : 1 hr from the base village
Visit duration (min.) : 1 day
Water availability : There are many a cisterns and tanks on the fort, but the one near the cave is reliable.

Food : One has to make arrangement for his own food.
Shelter : The cave on the fort is the best place to spend a night.

How to reach :
we hav to catch this train
whichever is near to ur home
CST==> 05:19am
Dadar==> 05:37am
Kurla==> 05:48am
Ghatkopar=> 05:54am
Thane==> 06:14am
Kalyan==> 06:46am
Neral==> 07:28am
Do catch dis train bcoz Aftr dis t next train is very late
And our schedule will b distrubed

Get down at Neral
NERAL to Ambivali (by TUMTUM)
Ambivali to Peth – 1 hour,
Peth village to top of the fort – 1 hour.
Best time to visit : Any time

Items to be carried by trekker
# Sufficient amount of cash.
# Water Min(2 Ltr).
# Food material (LUNCH + SNACKS)
# Antidehydrate.
# Glucose.
# Torch with batteries.
# Marker or chalk.
# A good pair of shoes.
# Cap (preferably of cotton).
# Cutlery(Knives,spoon,etc.)
# Wastepaper (old newspaper).
# Polythene bags.
# Paper dishes.
# Please avoid bringing valuables, jewellery or expensive things. We accept no responsibility for anything that is misplaced.

Guidelines / Instructions
# It is preferable that the members of a trekking group keep same level of physical fitness. If someone falls behind due to lack of physical fitness, etc, it is the responsibility of the entire group to ensure that the person is somehow brought to the camp or base.
# Be independent. Carry one's own pack. Pack should not exceed 15 kg.
# Everyone has to follow the instructions of Camp In-charge & instructors
# No shortcut in trek
# Smoking & Drinking are strictly prohibited.
# Anyone found smoking or consuming alcohol will be expelled from trek there and then itself.
# Keep the campsite clean
# Do bring ur Mobile Phones

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