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Nature & Wildlife Photography and Post Processing Workshop

Date: 27th and 28th June 2009

Once again Land of the Wild presents workshop on ‘Nature & Wildlife Photography and Post Processing', to be conducted by Sachin Rai*, in Mumbai.

The Workshop comprises of intensive sessions on the technical as well as practical aspects of nature photography and hands-on training on how to suitably post-process or edit your photographs. The participants would be guided by the eminent and well-awarded photographer Sachin Rai and we are confident that each one will greatly benefit from this workshop.

*About Sachin Rai

Stepping into the photography scenario about a decade ago, Sachin has passionately explored far and wide corners of the country to capture vivid images of wildlife ranging from tiny beetles, rare herpeto-fauna to the mighty beasts of forests and deserts. His photographs have found their way into a variety of magazines, newspapers, books and calendars. He has very liberally shared his evolved sense of design for making films, developing literature and presentations to facilitate conservation objectives of several organizations. Apart from a special mention, Sachin received the Sanctuary Asia - ABN Amro award for the being Photographer of the Year (2007) and also the Joint Second Prize for Photography at the same event. He has also received a Special Mention in the Better Photography Wildlife Contest in January 2009.

In his words, "Exploring the wonders of wilderness is a fervor I cultivated since childhood. Wildlife and Nature photography gives me immense pleasure and contentment and I would like to spend all my life chasing my passion and initiating people into this marvellous world!"

For a glimpse into his work please visit the following URLs:






Some words from the participants of the previous workshops:

"The workshop was really very enlightening. I wish to thank you for organising such a well-managed workshop. If there are any such workshops or trails/ trips relating to nature/wildlife please do let me know. Thank You," ~ Neil Mehta

"I am sure everybody could learn something that made them understand the art of photography better. It certainly improved my skills and made me think about various aspects of photography. I have started to think a little more before clicking any photo; thanks to Sachin and the organisers” ~ Ovee Thorat

“I have owned a camera since long but have never known the wonders I can create with it using the various exciting features it has to offer! The personal attention Sachin gives to each student and the patience with which he explains the nitty-gritty is admirable. His knowledge is extensive and his understanding of post-processing - deep. Thanks for the wonderful photography trail, too!” ~ Vidya Venkatesh

“Wildlife photography is a wonderful field and Sachin is the best person to receive guidance from. I am glad I was a part of such a fruitful workshop!” ~ Ajay Bijoor

“We are really thankful for such an informative session. We thank you for taking your time out and sharing some of your wildlife photography secrets. Even though it was refresher course for me, but it indeed was a great learning experience. The tips and tricks during the post processing session made our day. We really couldn't believe that post editing can do wonders to the visual quality of a decent shot!” ~ Kiran Bhangare

Due to the intensive nature of the workshop, there are limited seats and you are requested to rush your registration by please contacting any of the following:

Saloni Bhatia – saloni86 / landofthewild

Vidya Venkatesh – vidya.nature

Sachin Rai – sacfile

For more information about the workshop and the sessions covered, please visit:

Cost: Rs. 3000/-

Monsoon Masti @ Matheran

Date: July 31st – Aug 2nd, 2009

The land of hisses and croaks, Matheran literally means ‘forest on the top’. Monsoon being an off-season from a tourist perspective is in reality the best time to unearth lesser fauna. At night, as you begin your stroll several frogs and toads hop out of your way, eliciting indignant cries for being disturbed. If the innocent flash of your torch blinds one of them then it stays mum till you get out of the way and leave it to romance in the fog and drizzle.

A typical monsoon trail could yield very fruitful results such as Deccan Banded, Rock and Brooks Geckos. As the night proceeds you could manage to sight at least four species of frogs apart from Shieldtail, Vine, Cat and Wolf Snakes. You could encounter Caecilians, Giant Squirrels, Tree mice and shrews, too, if you are lucky. Even sighting a Pit Viper coiled up on a branch, patiently awaiting its prey, is not a rare scene!

Just as you are observing these marvelous creatures you could notice a movement through the corner of our eyes only to realise that a Green Vine Snake has preyed upon a frog, and is leisurely gulping it down, head first. As the poor frog tries to wriggle out of its grasp, you would only feel lucky to be a part just another night in Paradise…

In the morning, the melodious call of a White-rumped Shama or a Spotted Babbler kick-starts your day, while an Orange-headed Ground Thrush is busy foraging in the leaf litter even before you are out of bed. On a clear sunny day you could indulge in some butterfly-watching and get a glimpse of Blue Mormon (second largest butterfly in India), Black Prince, Tawny Rajah, Lime and many more.

Experience these unique sights and sounds of Matheran as you would have never done before. Join us!

Cost: Rs. 2500/- (If registered before 30th June)

Rs. 2700/- (If registered after 30th June)

Cost includes: Resource Person fees, Meals, Accommodation & Travel charges (ex Mumbai) as well as Taxes.

Croak-time @ Coorg

Date: Aug 11th – 16th, 2009

Often called the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg or Kodagu (which means ‘dense forest on steep hills’), situated at a height of 4000ft ASL in Southern Karnataka, has plenty to offer to wildlife enthusiasts. Kodagu lies in the Western Ghats, a Biodiversity Hotspot, bustling with lesser fauna, birds as well as mammals. Mist laden trek routes, fast flowing streams, freezing waterfalls, rain-soaked coffee plantations interspersed with dense patches of evergreen forest – all culminate to create that magical monsoon feel!

Kodagu’s location combined with several paddy fields, orange groves, coffee estates and thick forest has ensured that variety of life forms flourish. It covers more than 8.8% of floral diversity of India and 37% of Karnataka, amounting to 1332 species. Leopard, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Flying Fox, Civets, Squirrels and Otters account for the Mammalian diversity in this part of the Western Ghats. One could experience the fantastic bird life comprising of 350 birds including Malabar Trogon, Asian Fairy Bluebird, Nilgiri Flycatcher, Nilgiri Laughing Thrush, Great Black Woodpecker, Malabar Whistling Thrush, White-bellied Treepie, Hill Myna, Vernal Hanging Parrot, White-rumped Munia, among others. It is a promising place for wildlife lovers wanting to sight endemic and rare Snakes, Frogs and Lizards, Spiders, Caecilians, Scorpions, Beetles, Centipedes, Millipedes and an array of insect life!

Be it lazing around in the room, nestled in the hills or trekking upto the nearest waterfall; be it bird-watching, going for a trail or wildlife photography – everything is possible in Coorg amid the rain-drenched foliage and the intoxicating weather. So come, let’s tread the rugged paths in the woods to enjoy Nature at its best.

Cost: Rs. 7900/- (If registered before 10th July)

Rs. 8300/- (If registered after 10th July)

Cost includes: Resource person fees, Meals, Accommodation & Travel charges (ex Mumbai) as well as Taxes.

Saloni Bhatia - 99204 38775
Sachin Rai - 98209 69960
Vidya Venkatesh - 98204 13965

Please visit: