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शिखर वेध-Trek Kalwantin Durg 14th June

Brief Introduction abt Kalwantin Durg/Prabalgad-
Height:2300 ft
Time:~3 hrs frm Thakurwadi
Fort Prabalgad is situated on northeast side of Panvel, on Mumbai-Pune road. Frm express highway looks a V-Shaped one. Left one is Kalwantin Durg & right one is Prabalgad. Historical references indicate that Freedom fighter Umaji Naik made a stay here in 1826
KalavantinLocated in the same mountain range as Prabalgad, Kalavantin Durga is a tapering mountain, the top is miserably small and can accommodate arnd 30-40 ppl @ one time. The fort was mainly used as a watch tower during it’s hey days
The route to the top takes one through a near vertical flight of stairs, this trek is not for those with a fear of heights though its a thrilling one
Journey Details-
Meeting point @ 06:50 Hrs @ Panvel bus depo
Bus @ 07:00 hrs frm Panvel
Trek Details-
07:30 Hrs-Ascend
09:30 Hrs-@ Prabalmachi ... B/F time
11:00 Hrs-Top of fort
I guess 2 hrs for Fort Exploration, Lunch etc. is enough
13:30 Hrs-Descend
15:00 Hrs-@ Kalwantin Durg Pinnacle
Kalwantin durg pinnacle is tougher than Prabalgad. It has some rock cut steps intially & then few more but mittiwala near the pinnacle ... though slippery real adventure ... we gonna scale them like last year
just check da following link abt Kalwantin
16:00 Hrs-@ Descend
18:00 Hrs-@ Thakurwadi
19:00 Hrs-@ Panvel
The Estimated initial expenditure is abt Rs 40/70
Includes Panvel 2 Panvel fare for Bus/Rick + Guide Contri for Prabal
Things To Carry:
Pls do carry Breakfast & Lunch for da day
A Water Bottle (~2.5 Ltrs)
Camera, Cell Phone (Optional)
Pls avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments
Some ready to eat food Plum cakes, Biscuits etc.
Medicine those if u require usually (Optional)
A haversack to put all these things
For confirmation pls reply here or do contact
Jagdish Patil : 09869369836