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Bhramanti trek to Anjaneri Fort 10th 12th July

Dear Friends

Our last weekend trek to Thanale caves was marked by
remarkable success. Nature did showered upon us few showers
aswell provided us the streams/waterfall to drench & dip
ourselves into! It was also marked with the first trek
experiences by the 8 years old Himanish & 11 years old
Maitri. You can enjoy the fun at:

The next monsoon trek of this season has been planned at
Anjaneri. This cave/fort is located in the Trimbakeshwar
range off Nashik. Believed to be birth place of lord
Hanuman, this hill has a huge plateau at the top alongwith
Temple & a beautiful cave called SitaGumpha. The top
commands view of neighboring Bhramagiri hill, the Pahine
Navra-Navri, Dangya etc pinnacles along with Harihar, Basgad
& Ghargad forts. This area is a huge hub for rock
climbers. Lots of opportunities for rock climbing on these
pinnacles around.


Place: Anjaneri Fort
Region: Trimbakeshwar, Nashik

Height: 4264 feet

Date of Departure: 10th July, Friday Evening
Date of Return: 12th July, Evening
Trek duration: 2 hrs each way.

Trek grade: Easy

Leader: Gopal S
Deputy Leader: Rakesh R

We shall be traveling to Nashik by Bus.
Early morning, take the first bus to the base village

Approx. Expense:
Rs.550/- per head
In order to book advance ticket for travel, advance of
Rs.300/- reqd.

Meeting Pt:
Shall be communicated to confirmed participants.

Essential Stuff to be carried by everybody:
Torch, Carry matt/sleeping bag, thin chadder, Rainy wear,
fruits, water, glucon powder if reqd, one time lunch (non
perishable), lemons, other stuff like chewda/biscuit/cake
etc. which are non perishable, Change clothes etc.
Please wrap all contents in plastic bag to avoid getting
drenched from rains.
Participants are expected to cook in community for the
group during this trek.

Wish you Happy Trekking.

Thanks & Regards

Team Bhramanti
Rajan Rikame (Currently Offline)
Kiran Sarode (9820837326)