Escapades Hiking Trip to Lohagad (1'st Aug and 2'nd Aug) (2 batches) (1 day Hike)

Type : Hill Fort
Fort Range : Lonavala
District : Pune
Height above sea level : 3400 ft.
Difficulty rating : Simple
Base village : Malawali
Appx. time to reach the top : 3 hrs from the base village
Lohagad fort is 7 kms south of Malavali station on the Pune-Mumbai railway line. Situated on a side range of Sahyadri mountains, if divides the basins of Indrayani and Pavana rivers. Close to Lohagad, on its eastern side, there is another fort, called Visapur. The approach to Lohagad is from the village Lohadwadi, situated in the depression between Lohagad and Visapur. Visapur Fort is larger and also higher than Lohgad fort. Climbing from the north towards the village, one can see on the left side the famous Buddhist caves of Bhaja. The four large gats of Lohagad are very intricately arranged and are still intact. In the later Peshwa period, Nana Fadanis (1742-1800 AD) built several structures in the fort including a big tank and a step-well (bawali). There is also a small temple and grave of a muslim pir. On the west side of the fort there is a long and narrow wall like fortified spur called Vinchukata in Marathi (scorpion sting) because of its natural shape.
Lohgad was one of the most important forts of Satwaahan Period, which takes us to 2000 to 2500 years back. Bhaje & Bedse caves where used by Buddhist monks to stay. These caves are situated in the mountain of Visapur. Sage Lomesh had been meditating on Lohgad, and this is why the fort is called so. It had been built with a primary intention to keep a watch on Nane Maval, Korbaarse Maval and Andhra Maval.
After the downfall of Bahmani kingdom, the fort went into the hands of Nizamshahi in 1489. Thereafter it remained with till 1630. When the brother of seventh Nizam named second Burhan ruled here (1590-1594), he was imprisoned on this fort. In 1630, the fort went under the control of Adilshah. Shivaji Maharaj captured it in 1648, two years after he captured Torna. Netaji Palkar was appointed to look after the fort and the surrounding region.
In 1665, Mirza raja Jaysingh invaded Purandar, and launched a major attack on the forts in Pune region. Villages nearby Lohgad became a victim of that. In March 1665, Kutubuddin attacked and looted the villages here. About 1500 soldiers came down from the fort, but could not sustain, and returned back. According to the treaty of Purandar, the fort went into the hands of Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb broke the treaty, and Shivaji Maharaj got it back in 1670. Aurangzeb recaptured it in 1700. Shahu Maharaj gave the fort to Kanhoji Angre. In 1720 it was under the control of Balaji Vishwanath. Nana Phadnis was an important personality amongst the Peshwas. He developed the fort a lot. He renovated the first, second and the fourth entrance of the fort. Jaavji Bomble and later Dhondopant Nitsure ruled under Nana Phadnis. He shifted his entire treasury on this fort, which was kept in Laxmi Kothi. Nana Phadnis passed away in 1800. His wife came here in 1802. Bajirao-II was an inefficient ruler, who was pro-British. General Wellesley was the person who insisted Dhondopant to be loyal to Bajirao. But it did not last long, and Dhondopant Nitsure's man attacked Bajirao. Wellesley decided to capture the fort. In 1818 colonel Prother came here and captured Visapur. Lohgad came into his hands without firing a single bullet.
Batch 1 - 1'st August
Batch 2 - 2'nd August
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