Forthcoming Treks by Trek Mates August 2009

Hi friends,

The forthcoming schedule by Trek Mates will be as follows:
26th July:
> Lohgad(nr Lonavala)

Mumbai Leaders: Nilesh Patil and Vikramsingh
Pune Leaders: Zeenat Sikilkar

2nd August :
> Dukes nose(nr lonavala)

Mumbai Leaders: Nilesh Patil
Pune Leaders: Zeenat Sikilkar

> (Any One day Trek of your demand)

Mumbai Leaders: Vikramsingh and B2
Nasik Leaders: Prashant thombre

8th- 9th Aug :
> Harishchandragad(nr Malshej Ghat)

Mumbai Leaders: Vikramsingh, Nilesh Patil, Prasad Tandale
Nasik Leaders: Prashant thombre
Pune Leaders: Zeenat Sikilkar

15th-16th Aug :
> Bhimashankar(via Shidi route/ Ganesh ghat)

Mumbai Leaders: Vikramsingh
> River Rafting And Kayaking
Mumbai Leaders: Priti Patel
> (Any Trek of your demand)
Mumbai Leaders: Nilesh Patil

22nd-23rd Aug:(one batch on each day.)
> Waterfall Rappelling(Vihi, nr Kasara):

Leaders: Everyone.

30th Aug:
> Chanderi

Leaders:Nilesh Patil, Prasad Tandale, Priti Patel
> (Any Trek of your demand)
Leaders: VikramSingh

Note :-
1. Number of participants per event is limited. Entry will be on First Come First Serve basis.
2. These Dates are tentative. Changes in dates and venue are possible.
3. The detailed plan will be posted 10 days prior to event on our community on orkut and on Facebook.
These are the links,
Orkut Community:
Facebook Group:
4. For further information please contact :-
Nilesh Patil : 9967436211
Priti Patel: 9869524260
VikramSingh: 9987757665
Prasad Tandale: 9870491140

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