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Waterfall Rappellin + Hike at Manpada,Sanjay Gandhi National Park,Thane
Remember Sylvester Stallone coming down the cliff using special ropes and equipment? Now imagine doing it under a roaring waterfall! Truly, the thrill of a lifetime!

Trip Category : waterfall Rappelling Trip
Assembly : 7:00 AM at Gates of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Manpada, Thane
Cost : Rs. 1430/- per pax.
Includes :Breakfast, Trail Food and Lunch
When : Sunday, 19th July 2009

Valley of Flowers
This monsoon, you could also try out a unique 8-day holiday to the Valley of Flowers in the Garhwal Himalayas. The trip offers adventure, natural beauty and tranquility as you trek through the valley covered with a blanket of flowers nestled in the magnificent mountains. Truly, a trip of a lifetime!

Trip Category : 8 Day Trek
Departure Date : 16th August 2009
Cost : Will be announced shortly

Natura Adventure Arena
Natura Adventure Arena brings together the rush of several high adrenaline adventure sports to one convenient destination.The Arena gives you a chance to play a super-charged game of Paintball Shootout, or to try a stretch of Rock Climbing along with a bit of Cliffhanger-style Rappelling.

Arena Timings : 10:00AM - 6:00PM (Sat & Sun)(Thane)
7:00PM - 10:00PM (Wed & Fri) (Renaissance Federation Club)

Outdoor Tips:Know your Knots

Knot: Double Figure of Eight

The The Double Figure Eight Loop is based on the simple figure of eight stopper knot. For photography, the two loops have been made small. Uses: The two loops can be used as an improvised seat. It is also useful for equalizing the load on two anchors. In one top-roping technique, the loops are made very unequal. The much larger one is passed around both anchor points. The center of this loop is then secured with a carabiner to the small loop. During rappelling, this ensures a more even distribution of load between the two anchor points.

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