Wide Aware Monsoon Hike and Waterfall Rappelling at Kondana Caves 26th July 2009

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your continuing support and interest in Wide Aware. Special thanks to Rajesh, Niket, Sudha and others for pestering me to keep updating the site and announcing programmes for solo participants. You have motivated me, and we have a monsoon special again this year - Waterfall Rappelling at Kondana Caves on Sunday, the 26th of July 2009. Visit the blog post to find out more.

I admit that I am sometimes lazy about these announcements and plans, and I promise to have more things that regular visitors to Wide Aware can opt for, without needing to organize groups.

This one should be suitable for most reasonably fit people over 13 and under 50.

This one is quick and painless one day outing designed to energize and rejuvenate while providing that all important adrenaline rush. Our usual dose of get-wet-in-the-rain fun. A rappelling experience to remember.

Please speak with Raghavendra Kale (Raka) directly on 09869433342 to find out more, or confirm your participation on this outing. If it is difficult to get through to him, you may also simply reply to this newsletter.

As most of you know, I'm pregnant, so I will not be coming to this outing, but Raka will be there with you. Many thanks to all those of you who have sent your best wishes and made name suggestions. Your affection and support is much appreciated. I receive so many emails, that it is sometimes not possible to respond to each one individually. However, I do read each one, and try and respond to as many as I can. I enjoy this precious contact with you.