Mumbai Trek list

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Rules & Regulations:

  1. • Confirmation: Members should contact either the Leader or Co-Leader SEVEN DAYS BEFORE the trek
  2. • For One Day’s Trek members should carry Pack-Lunch
  3. • The Organization, organizers or any member thereof shall not be held responsible for loss of any valuable personal articles. Members are requested not to carry any valuable articles such as gold/silver chain, etc. along with them
  4. • Smoking and consumption of Alcohol is strictly prohibited
  5. • Unit reserves its right to cancel the entire Programme or change the schedule of the Programme.
  6. • Members are requested to collect their Identity Cards within two months from the date of submitting their Membership Forms
  7. • All costs mentioned above are approximate. The above costs do not include transport cost of the travel by participants till the meeting point. Actual cost will be declared at the end of the trek, which shall be at actual
  8. • Friends are welcomed for the trek. But we encourage all to avail the benefits of being members of Youth Hostels Association of India”. The charges for non-members; if the trek expenses are below Rs.100 then Rs.25/- & if above Rs100 then Rs.50/-


Things to Carry
- The basic things to carry are T-shirt, a small footprint track pants
- A bottle of water and a cap are a must
- Some medicine like Crocin and something for your stomach
- A handkerchief and a towel
- Carry a pair of sunglasses too
- Carry cotton wool, some antiseptic ointment, a roll of light bandage, scotch tape, a pair of scissors, and pair of tweezers to remove thorns if they get into your skin.
- Youth Hostel’s Membership I-card/Receipt, notepad and pen.
- Carry a pair of light slippers
- Torch or Headlamp
- Woolen in winter and rainsheeters in monsoon
- No plastic bags any travel bags please

What to Wear
Wear full pants and preferably full sleeves T-shirt.
Wear a pair of shoes, which are in good condition and comfortable, no high heels
Wear nylon socks, as these tend to dry quickly. In winter cotton or woolen socks.
Take bread and cheese,
Fruits, Nuts, Chocolates, etc
Some cooked food along - like Pulav, Parothe, Thepale, etc

On Trek
Listen to your leader,
Wait for all personnel to arrive before going on
Groups should never separate
When trails become narrow, walk in single line
Where the trail is unclear and there are no locals to advise, take the most trodden route. In event of Lost

...Many trekkers have become lost by wandering off alone - stubbornly choosing their own way over the majority's voice. If nightfall is closing and the intended destination is not visible, head towards the nearest settlement. Do not struggle on regardless risking a potentially fatal night out in the cold. In jungle, always move towards a ridge top, paths will invariably be found there. In valley bottoms, always move downstream towards lower ground where the likelihood of settlements is greater. Pneumonia and hypothermia are the main causes of death for lost trekkers.

So take all precautions and Happy Trekking . . .

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