Inspire Trek To Gorakhgad August 16, 2009

District : Thane
Height above sea level : 2150 ft.
Difficulty rating : Medium
Base village : Dehari
Appx. time to reach the top : 2 hours from Dehri,3 from Siddhagad.
Visit duration (min.) : 1 day
Water availability : Water cistern are available at the top.
Food : Not available
Shelter : About 25 persons can stay comfortably in the cave.

About :
Gorakhgad is a fort that can be done easily in a day, both from Mumbai and Pune. Though not famous for any historical events, Gorakhgad attracts trekkers due to its inviting pinnacles, which offer good opportunities for rock-climbing. This region of Gorakhgad and Machchindragad has a dense forest cover.
Fort Gorakhgad is quite small in size. It was had strategic importance during the reign of Shahaji Raje. However, no major battle is recorded to have taken place here. It was used in Shivaji's era to patrol the nearby region and was used as a stopover station during the journey to Junnar via Naneghat. Though small in size, there is enough availability water and a lot of space for accommodation. The fort gets its name from Saint Gorakhnath, who performed his "Sadhana" in this place.

Sightseeing :
Two cisterns can be seen just after emerging through the entrance and the path climbs up further ahead. Further, a small step-way descends down to the large caves that are carved out in the main rock of the pinnacle. Nature's grandeur can be appreciated here with the magnificent view of two large frangipani trees leaning over the valley and the excellent sight of Machchindragad. There are in total fourteen cisterns on the fort, however, only the three tanks near to the cave have potable water.

The trek to Gorakhgad is not complete without reaching the top of the pinnacle. Facing the cave, proceed ahead towards your right. Just after a short walk some steps can be seen on your left, which lead to the top. The climb along this stepped way in the rock needs to be carried out with utmost care.

The top of the fort is very small. There is a small Mahadeo temple with Nandi. A wide region ranging from Siddhagad and Machchindragad up to Ahupe Ghat and Jeevdhan in the Naneghat area towards north can be seen from the fort-top.

Items to be carried by trekker =>
Trekking requires a set of basic items. Some essential and optional items are given below:
# Trek route-map
# Sufficient amount of cash.
# Water Min(2 Ltr).
# Food material (LUNCH + SNACKS)
# First aid box.
# Antidehydrate.
# Glucose.
# Torch with batteries.
# Marker or chalk.
# A good pair of shoes.
# Cutlery(Knives,spoon,etc.)
# Camera and its accessories (if interested in photography, always carry an extra pair of batteries).
# Wastepaper (old newspaper).
# Polythene bags.
# Toiletries soap, toothpaste/ brush, shaving kit, comb, toilet paper, etc.
# Paper dishes.
# Mosquito repellent.
# Scribbling pad and pen.
# Please avoid bringing valuables, jewellery or expensive things. We accept no responsibility for anything that is misplaced.

Organized By: Arun Malik
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