Shalom Adventures trek to Fort Raigad 15-16th August 2009

We “Shalom Adventures” have arranged a trek to Fort Raigad - Empire of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on 15-16th August 2009.

Raigad is a sacred place of pilgrimage, which has left an imprint of the grand vision of Hindavi Swarajya as cherished by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It was the Capital of the Most illustrious Maratha sovereign


Shivaji Maharaj had seized the site, then the fortress of Rairi, from the royal house of the Chandarrao Mores, a junior or Cadet dynasty descended from the ancient Maurya imperial dynasty. The last More king (or raja) was a feudatory of the Sultan of Bijapur. Shivaji renovated and expanded the Fortress of Rairi and renamed it Raigad (the King's Fort), the name he gave it when he selected it for his capital when he founded the Maratha empire. Rajgad, a hill fortress situated in Raigad District of Maharashtra, India was capital of Shivaji's kingdom.

Our Trek Attractions

The fort's ruins today consist of the queen's quarters, consisting of six chambers, with each chamber having its own private commode with plumbing. The main palace was constructed using wood, of which only the bases of pillars remain. Ruins of three watch towers can be seen directly in front of the palace grounds overlooking an artificial lake called Ganga Sagar Lake created next to the fort. It also has a view of the execution point called Takmak Tok, a cliff from which the sentenced prisoners were thrown to their death. This areas is now fenced off. The fort also has ruins of the market, and it has such structure that one can shop even while riding or sitting astride a horse.

The king's public Durbar has a replica of the original throne that faces the main doorway called the Nagarkhana Darwaja. This enclosure had been acoustically designed to aid hearing from the doorway to the throne. A secondary entrance, called the Mena Darwaja, was supposedly the private entrance of the royal ladies of the fort; it leads to the queen's quarters. The erstwhile main entrance to the fort is the imposing Maha Darwaja. The convoy of the king and the king himself used the Palkhi Darwaja. To the right of Palkhi Darwaja, is a row of three dark and deep chambers. Historians believe that these were the granaries for the fort.

A statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji is erected in front of the ruins of the main market avenue that eventually leads to the Jagdishwar Mandir and his own Samadhi (tomb) and that of his dog Waghya.
On the way back, we will be visiting Unhere Hot Water Springs, which is located in the vicinity of Raigad.

We are going to travel by Private bus, which will be having pickup from different locations starting from Dadar. We will start our journey from 14th August late in the evening and will back on evening of 16th August.

Here is the schedule
14th Aug 2009
2330 Dadar Station.
15th Aug 2009
0600 Reach base village of Raigard.
0630 Tea.
0700 Trek Start on Raigard.
1100 We reach the top. Small refreshment.

Visit some part of the fort.
1400 Lunch.

Visit other side of the fort.
2200 Dinner.

16th Aug 2009
Visit place on fort if still left (If time permit)
1100 Start descending from Raigard fort
1430 Reach Base and return journey start. Lunch

Visit Hot Water Springs
2100 Dadar

Above is tentative schedule. It might change depending on the situation. Decision will be taken by organizer.

Must Carry:

1. Raincoats/Cheaters.

2. Rainy sandals/shoes.

3. Extra pair of clothes.

4. A good flashlight/torch.

5. Rucksack.

6. Personal Medicine, if any.

7. 1-2 liter water bottle.

8. Camera (optional).

9. A pack of candle & matchbox

10. Mosquito / insect repellent

11. Bed sheets / sleeping bags.

No, No's:

1. Umbrellas

2. Slippers

3. High Heals

4. Alcohol, Drugs

5. Safety Measures is attaching in the mail.

Cost: Rs. 1300 /-

Included in fees:

It will cover your traveling from Dadar to Dadar, breakfast & Lunch for 15th & 16th August and Dinner and accommodation for 15th August.

Anything apart from this will be considered out of package.

What is not included in fees?

Mineral Water, Cold drinks, Snacks like chips, etc.

Registration is on first come first serve basis.

Confirm member reply back with Name, Address, DOB, Contact no., Email id.

Your confirmation is considered only after receiving the registration amount Rs. 700/-

Sleeping bag available.

Please note:

That unlike conventional picnic, it is an adventure event wherein we are going to take public transport, eat available local food. It’s absolutely safe and easy trek if any unnecessary risk and bravado is avoided.

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